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Release Notes

8.5.0 Release Notes

Basic 8.5.1 and
VIP4 4.10
Release Notes

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Thoroughbred Environment™ version 8.5.1 is an extension of Thoroughbred's successful 8.5.0 release enhancing each tier in Thoroughbred's Three Tier Architecture strategy.

Development Environments include:

OPENworkshop, IDOL-IV, and Basic
  • The new Trigger function in 8.5.1 provides developers with a way to add new fields/sorts to existing legacy systems and databases while leaving the underlying code and business rules in place with no changes. Now you can use modern Thoroughbred development tools to upgrade proven applications and support new database requirements, without disturbing existing applications code and data.
  • Full Windows CE Basic release to allow you to run Basic on handhelds.
  • Additional DataSafeGuard support.
  • Additional functionality to Windows "Cut and Paste" and Mouse processing, including a right-click option for the "Hot Key."
  • Enhanced date support for MS SQL Server and ORACLE.
VIP4 Product Suite
  • In VIP for Dictionary-IV, the GUI Screen editor is now invoked from Dictionary-IV Screen Definition Maintenance.
  • The WorkStation Manager has been enhanced to provide one place for editing VIP4. Screens now support an option to control the foreground and background color for formula fields, security fields, and current field. VIP4 now supports using either .jpg or .bmp file as a background image for the main VIP window.
  • TbredComm now supports an option to enable or disable the Maximize and the Close button in the main TbredComm window. The TbredComm Copy & Paste feature has been enhanced to include "Smart Copy." TbredComm mouse aware has been enhanced to include: support for multiple control key values and support for mouse click visuals.
TS DataServer
  • Added TS DataServer for MS SQL Server.

Reporting Problems

When reporting problems please be sure to include the build number and the enhancement/problem reference number where applicable.

The Basic build number and date can be accessed using the new DUMP VERSION directive. From Basic™ console type in DUMP VERSION and press <CR>.

The OPENworkshop®, IDOL-IV®, and VIP4™ (host) version number and release date are available from the Version Manager on the System Administration Menu. To verify the build date of a specific program simply list line 10 of the program.

The VIP4™ (client), TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™, TS ChartServer™ and Gateway for Windows build numbers should be verified at the executable level. Please do not use the VIP4 Version manager. To verify individual executables right mouse click on an executable. Select 'Properties', select the 'Version' tab and highlight 'Comments'. The detailed build information will be displayed in a panel on the right.

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