Thoroughbred Environment™ 8.6.0
Release Notes
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Version 8.6.0, contains fixes and enhancements for Thoroughbred Basic™, Dictionary-IV and OPENworkshop.

Development Environments

  • The 8.6.0 release introduces Thoroughbred's new T-WEB product. T-WEB is Thoroughbred's Browser-based development environment. T-WEB will enable you to develop Thoroughbred® based applications that will operate in a Web-enabled/Browser-based environment.

    For more information please contact your Thoroughbred Sales Representative. To view the T-WEB data sheet please visit
TS XML DataServer™
  • The 8.6.0 release introduces Thoroughbred's new TS XML DataServer product. TS XML DataServer gives you the ability to share and expose your Thoroughbred data with remote servers and third party tools using XML.

    For more information please contact your Thoroughbred Sales Representative. To view the TS XML DataServer data sheet please visit
Thoroughbred Basic
  • The size of the string that is specified by OPT= has been expanded to 512 characters for all operating systems.
  • Expanded the file names specified in the DATA-FILE=/SORT-FILE=/TEXT-FILE= options from a maximum of 14 characters to 256 characters.
  • Added Task ID replacement character ("#") to OPT="LINK" | "DLINK" file name processing.
  • Added file prefix to OPT="LINK" | "DLINK" file name processing.
  • When opening a link, if the data file, secondary key file or text field file does not exist, it will be created.
  • XFD has a new option 4 which returns link information for a file opened with OPT="LINK" | "DLINK".
  • The TFF string function has been added to provide Text Formatting Functions. Search and Replace, URL encoding, and Encryption functions are included in this release.
  • The default start and end dates for Daylight Saving Time have been changed to the Second Sunday in March and the First Sunday in November respectively. PRM DSTPRE2007 is provided to override this change. The output from DUMP IPLCONFIG now includes DST settings if applicable.
  • One or more INCLUDE statements can used in an IPLINPUT file to include statements from subordinate files.
  • The CGV string function has been rewritten to increase capacity and improve update performance.
  • The Script-IV™ compiler has been enhanced to use OPT="DLINK". The enhanced Script-IV compiler will generate more efficient script code. For more information see 4LGE LINK 0093 in the Enhancements, Links section of this document.
  • CONNECT VIEW has been enhanced to support a secured SELECT WHEN clause in VIEW$[7]. A secured select clause is never visible to the user. For more information see 4GLE CVF8 0011 in the Enhancements, Views section of this document.
  • OPENworkshop has been enhanced to support a RUN of a Timeout method from the OO menu. For more information see 4GLE OMSC 0157 in the Enhancements, General section of this document.
Note: If you are using the UPDATE directive Transaction Processing must be disabled. Please add the following entry to the IPLINPUT file:

TbredComm™ now supports SSH. Secure telnet connections can be made using SSH1, SSH2, or SSHAuto. Encryption includes but is not limited to DES, AES, and Blowfish. Authentication includes but is not limited to Public Key, SecureID Token, and Password. For more information please refer to the TbredComm Reference Manual.

TS ODBC DataServer

TS ODBC DataServer™ now supports journaling and 3GL triggers .

Reporting Problems

When reporting problems please be sure to include the build number and the enhancement/problem reference number where applicable.

The Basic build number and date can be accessed using the new DUMP VERSION directive. From Basic console type in DUMP VERSION and press the Enter key.

The OPENworkshop and Dictionary-IV version number and release date are available from the Version Manager on the System Administration Menu. To verify the build date of a specific program simply list line 10 of the program.