Thoroughbred® Release Notes V8.7.0Thoroughbred® Release Notes V8.7.0

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Version 8.7.0, contains enhancements and changes for Thoroughbred Basic™, Dictionary-IV® OPENworkshop®, T-WEB™, VIP®, TbredComm™, TS DataServer™ Products, and Report-IV™ to PDF.

New Installation Instructions

NOTE: There are new installation instructions. It is important that before you install you first review the updated Installation manuals for the following products:

  • TbredComm and the VIP Product Suite
  • TS Environment™ for Windows
  • TS NetworkBasic™ with DataServer
  • TS DataServer™ Family (new activation procedure)
    • TS Network DataServer™
    • TS ORACLE DataServer™
    • TS DataServer™ for MS SQL Server

NOTE: Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 are no longer supported.

NOTE: If you are running OPENworkshop Transaction Processing must be disabled. Please add the folloing entry to the IPLINPUT file:


New T-RemoteControl™

Introducing Thoroughbred's remote terminal control product, which enables access to remote users' Basic sessions, to see exactly what they see, and control the keyboard. T-RemoteControl can be used for diagnostics, support, demos and training purposes. And it has many of the features of existing tools for remote administration and support of Thoroughbred-based servers with the added advantage that background tasks and TCONFIGW are also supported and viewable. For more information please contact your Thoroughbred sales representative.

Click here for T-RemoteControl documentation.

Thoroughbred Basic™

Some highlights are:

  • Vista and 2008 Server UAC-compliant support.
  • Basic server side sockets.
  • String function TFF() now allows the conversion of formats to and from XML.
  • Variable format to format assignments.
  • Additional date type 8 date and time sizes.
  • Support for 64-bit memory models.
  • IO Triggers can now return an error message or a CONNECT METHOD message.

OPENworkshop/Dictionary-IV Enhancements

Some highlights are:

  • The DLINK model has been implemented for foreign data bases.
  • Script-IV™ is no longer limited to 64K for the data environment; both ]2$ and A0$ have been expanded.
  • OPENworkshop now supports additional Date Type 8 size combinations ... 5.4, 6.5, 8.7, 9.8, 12.5, 13.6, 14.7 and 15.8.
  • Query-IV™ and Report-IV™ now output to Excel.
  • CONNECT VIEW now supports a custom F8 Command menu for Users.

TS DataServer™ Family

Some highlights are:
  • Vista and 2008 Server UAC-compliant support.
  • New stand alone activation procedure.
  • Improved performance for MS SQL Server and TS ORACLE DataServer (tsoracle10).
  • TS ODBC DataServer recognizes ORDER BY secondary keys that include date type 5 with time and date type 8 with time.

TbredComm™ and VIP for Dictionary-IV® Product Suite

Some highlights are:

  • Vista and 2008 Server UAC-compliant support.*
  • VIP support for recreating ObjectCache.
  • TS ReportServer support for default output folder.

* The VIP GUI Screen Editor, Toolbar Definition Maintenance, and TS ChartServer are not supported on the Vista and 2008 Server platforms.

Reporting Problems

When reporting problems please be sure to include the build number and the enhancement/problem reference number where applicable.

The Basic and date can be accessed using the DUMP VERSION directive. From Basic Console Mode type in DUMP VERSION and press the Enter key.

The OPENworkshop and Dictionary-IV version number and release date are available from the Version Manager on the System Administration Menu. To verify the build date of a specific program simply list line 10 of the program.

The VIP® (client), TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™, TS ChartServer™ and Gateway for Windows build numbers should be verified at the executable level. Please do not use the VIP Version manager. To verify individual executables right mouse click on an executable. Select 'Properties', select the 'Version' tab and highlight 'Comments'. The detailed build information will be displayed in a panel on the right.