Back-up and Disaster RecoveryBack-up and Disaster Recovery

How Safe is Your Data?

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Thoroughbred Off-Site Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster can strike in many forms including: hardware failure, Mother Nature, malfeasance, to fire, flood and accident. If you are a public company, the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) need to be addressed.

How safe is your data? If you employ a periodic tape or disk copy of your data, how do you know it is good? Have you ever tested it? Do you have a record of how your data was changed?

Thoroughbred offers several levels of backup services:

  • Level I Backup: We backup your system daily, off hours, so that it reflects the state of your system as of that day. Media would be provided to update your system when the problem is resolved.
  • Level II Backup: We backup your system daily, off hours, providing you with a capability to log-on to our server and continue working should disaster strike.
  • Level III Backup: We backup your system in real-time, and provide you with a capability to access our server to continue working until your system problem is resolved, at which time your system would then be updated to the current state of the back-up server.

We Analyze Your Requirements

Thoroughbred will analyze the system requirements and provide a solution that will support your needs. Whether you have 3 users or hundreds of users, Thoroughbred can provide an appropriate level of backup service for your business and have you up and running in no time at all should disaster strike.

Save Money

Typical IT infrastructure includes the hardware-servers, maintenance contracts, software licenses and software maintenance agreements, and management resource (staff) to maintain those servers and software. This IT infrastructure can easily push the cost of supporting an in-house system to well over six figures annually. The cost of an off-site Hosted data processing model can be a fraction of that.

Thoroughbred's Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Services provide the hardware servers, service and maintenance, update services to reliably back- up your data for a low monthly fee. DataSafeGuard™ is used in Level III Backup to journal each transaction and assure that should there be a problem. Data recovery and security to the current state of the system can be accomplished up to the last good transaction. DataSafeGuard can help you be in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) if you are a public company.

Contact your Thoroughbred Sales Representative and inquire how our Remote Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Service can provide complete protection for your most valuable possession, your data. Optional services are available that enable you to logon to our system and continue working until your system issue is resolved.