Thoroughbred® Managed ServicesThoroughbred® Managed Services

Thoroughbred Managed Services

Thoroughbred Managed Services provides access to your application and data over the internet. It is Cloud based. Basically, with a PC Workstation and a connection to the Internet, you can run your Thoroughbred-based applications from our Servers for low monthly fees. We provide the servers, support, back-ups, updates, maintenance, security and system management so you can concentrate on running your business.

Operating systems and hardware manufacturers are replacing technology every year or two. Keeping up with the latest versions of software and hardware compatibility issues and taking advantage of new features or a performance upgrade can be costly and time consuming. Let us deal with that. All you need to do with Thoroughbred's Cloud Computing Services is to open your TbredComm, log-on and run your business.

Any Thoroughbred based application, including Solution-IV® is available to operate on Thoroughbred's Cloud Computing Service for low monthly fees.

Managed Services

How easy is that! Thoroughbred Cloud computing can support from single users to hundreds of users. Call us for details and a quote for your system.