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Warehouse Your Data!
DataSafeGuard™ & More

DataSafeGuard (DSG) allows you to maintain a transaction–by–transaction backup of your system's data. Should a failure occur, you can have your system up and running in a short period of time, exactly where it was when it failed. No day old backups and manual updating are required. The backup server can optionally be used as a secondary server until the primary server is repaired. If you are a public company, DSG can help you with your Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance issues.

What you may not realize is, the DataSafeGuard architecture can do much more. DSG can simultaneously write to other databases like ORACLE and MS SQL Server, updating those databases in real time with current Thoroughbred data. DataSafeGuard can create a multi-database warehouse, without touching the original systems data. This may be important for continuing support of the primary system. DataSafeGuard records the "Who, What, Where and When" of any data change for auditing – should there be a problem – and DataSafeGuard can operate remotely solving the problem of local disasters.

But wait, DataSafeGuard Plus also brings you much more. With the DSG database warehouse, reports, queries and business analytics can be created, using Thoroughbred's advanced reporting tools, providing up–to–date information to help you manage your business better. Dynamically track and analyze manufacturing operation statistics and request ad–hoc information. All of these features can operate independently from your host computer and primary data source.

Thoroughbred's DataSafeGuard is the safe way to manage your information and your systems backup and security. For more information on DataSafeGuard click here or call your Thoroughbred Account representative at 800-524-0430.

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