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Secure Your Data

Thoroughbred’s DataSafeGuard™ will give you the peace of mind that your data and backup systems are really doing the job. Too many times customers have found that when disaster strikes, the backup may not have backed up anything!

DSG System

Thoroughbred’s DataSafeGuard will back up each transaction as it is processed. A journal of the data updates is created which can be safely stored as an archive.This iInformation includes the Who, What, Where, and How of data that was changed, and provides the pre- and post-transaction values for complete auditability of the system.

DSG System

DataSafeGuard is configurable for multiple local and remote backup and DR configurations, hot backups and Big Data Storage access for Business Intelligence and Analytics. Why wait until it is too late? Protect your data and your business with DataSafeGuard today. DataSafeGuard is a complete backup and data recovery solution that can back up to Thoroughbred, MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases as well.

For more information on DataSafeGuard please click here or call your Thoroughbred representative at 800-524-0430.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike first, get peace of mind with Thoroughbred’s DataSafeGuard today.

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