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Thoroughbred Releases Version 8.8.0

Thoroughbred® Version 8.8.0 is an enhancement release based on comments and suggestions we have received. It also includes many new features. A few 8.8.0 highlights include:

  • Support for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 and all supported Linux, OS X and UNIX Operating Systems
  • Basic: Executing console mode statements in public programs is now supported
  • TbredComm™ and VIP Workstations support the Windows 8 Operating System
  • Basic and TbredComm: Expanded escape sequences in the type 3 printer driver allow setting the default character width and height absolute point values
  • Basic: The XML shorthand has been added to the TFF XML option
  • Basic: Numeric and string array copy. Example: LET A$[ALL] = B$[ALL]
  • Basic and Script-IV now support BREAK and CONTINUE in FOR/NEXT and WHILE loops
  • TS ODBC DataServer™: ODBC 3.0 compliant
  • TS ODBC DataServer: A LIMIT clause has been added to SELECT statements
  • DataServers: Devices Da through Dz can be used for DataServers. Increasing the number of connections from 36 to 62
  • OPENworkshop®: Support of mixed case data-element names with a minimum length of 2 characters
  • OPENworkshop: Sort usage and Schemas are now tracked by the OWS Global Dictionary
  • OPENworkshop: View F8 SELECT WHEN now supports text field searching
  • Source-IV™: The F8 Library Search has been expanded to support the Source-IV Search Summary View
  • Report-IV™ to PDF: Now supports UPC barcodes

To see the entire list of enhancements for version 8.8.0 please click here.

Call your Thoroughbred Representative for information on how to upgrade your system to 8.8.0.

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