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Thoroughbred Releases Version 8.8.1

Thoroughbred® Software announced the release of version 8.8.1 today. Version 8.8.1 is a maintenance and enhancement release that includes new features, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Basic directives TRACEMODE, SFMTNL, DUMP FILES, and the DSD function have all been enhanced
  • TS WebServer™ now supports PRM WEBIOLOG=logfilename that will enable logging of network requests and responses
  • All SQL DataServers support PRM SQL-NO-SEPARATORS
  • All SQL DataServers error processing and logging have been enhanced
  • Support of MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB
  • Support connecting to a MySQL database by specifying 'database@host' in the SERVER.MAP file
  • Support of Oracle 11
  • Support connecting to an Oracle database using user/password@database on the DEV line in an IPL file
  • Enhanced error messages and logging for TS ODBC DataServer™
  • Enhanced performance of WHERE condition OR condition in TS ODBC DataServer
  • OPENworkshop CONNECT VIEW supports exporting text fields from either F8-Export or F8-Excel
  • Report-IV™ to PDF supports enhanced security and PDF file save locations
  • Report-IV to PDF now supports opening a PDF file from the PDF File View
  • TbredComm™ supports a default keep alive setting in the Workstation Manager TbredComm tab
  • TbredComm supports IPv6
  • TbredComm supports changing printer type setting ( System->Settings->Printer ) via the T1 and T3 mnemonics
  • TbredComm supports sending the domain user name to Telnet Basic to set the USERNAME environment variable
  • TbredComm SSH supports new encryption algorithms
  • TbredTunnel supports a command line option to auto-start a tunnel: -A <profile-key>
  • Now supports new versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX and OS X operating systems

To see the entire list of changes for version 8.8.1, please click here.

Please contact your Thoroughbred Representative for upgrade information.

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