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Cloud Computing

Thoroughbred's Cloud Hosting Services provide customers a highly scalable system architecture and IT Services for a low monthly fee. The Thoroughbred Cloud provides a hosting Service for Thoroughbred Software based products, including: full IT management, back-ups, system upgrades, system security, proper hardware, operating system and a Thoroughbred Environment.

Operating system software and hardware manufacturers often want you to replace technology every few years. Keeping up with the latest and greatest versions of software and hardware is a daunting task. Issues arise including compatibility, performance, cost and new features that can present an expensive and time consuming effort to resolve. Let Thoroughbred deal with that. All you need to do is run your software and operate just as though the system was at your premises.

Any Thoroughbred based application, including Solution-IV® can run on Thoroughbred's Cloud Computing Service.

We also offer remote back-up and DR services to keep your on-premise Thoroughbred system data safe and available in the event of an emergency.

For more information on Thoroughbred Cloud Services please click here or call your Thoroughbred Representative.

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