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Thoroughbred Version 8.8.2 and GDPR / Encrypted Files

Thoroughbred 8.8.2 has Data Encryption features that can help you comply with European GDPR regulations. The encrypted file capability will also protect any domestic files with sensitive data.

Most systems today are connected to the Internet. If your network is connected the question is not will you be compromised, but when. If your data is unreadable, it will greatly reduce your exposure.

If you are doing business with any EU (European Union) company, you will need to comply with the GDPR rules and regulations.

Thoroughbred 8.8.2 file encryption is easy to implement, carries no performance overhead, and creates AES 256 bit encrypted data files. There are no changes required to your Thoroughbred based applications as the encryption is done at file creation. Thoroughbred's International and Domestic customers can take advantage of Thoroughbred 8.8.2 with file encryption for your GDPR and sensitive data requirements today. Solution-IV® and AlaQuest AS3 files can be encrypted.

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