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Note: For Dictionary-IV® Release Notes, refer to the OPENworkshop® link.



  1. Added support for file encryption using AES256 bit strong encryption provided by the OpenSSL Software Foundation.
    For details please refer to the special FAQ and Notes on File Encryption.
  2. Added DUMP TCB to display all Task Control Block values.
  3. A test has been added to FIXUP to produce an ERR=21 for a reference to a LABEL that does not exist in the program. The test is performed only when no other errors have occurred. PRM NOLABELERR is provided to disable the test.
  4. Segment Size on PRM JOURNALING has been limited to 1 through 2000. If Segment Size is not specified or 0, the default is 20. This allows checking for corruption of this field in the journal file header. If the header value is outside the limits, the value from the PRM is substituted. It also prevents a journal from expanding beyond the 2GB limit in some file systems.
  5. The last modified time of Object Libraries is monitored to recognize when the library's table of contents needs to be reloaded into memory.

Windows Only

  1. Added a Command Line Delay setting to prevent problems connecting to the Telnet Basic with the IPL file specified in the autologon. The default is 0 seconds.
  2. TBPlock.exe features to display part of a locked record and the locking task id have been added to Plock.exe.
  3. Enhanced event logging.
  4. Added a Disable DDE setting to prevent DDE initialization during Basic/Telnet Basic startup.



  1. A problem causing variables to bleed through when escaped in a public program has been resolved.
  2. Problems with the CF mnemonic not clearing properly have been resolved.
  3. The maximum length of the last parameter of a DEV line in IPLINPUT has been restored to 128 characters. It was inadvertently reduced to 126 in the 8.8.1 release.
  4. A WRITE statement without a KEY= option to an MSORT file would not pass the generated key to a 3GL Trigger. This has been fixed.
  5. When an update occurs to an MSORT file that is being read using a SORT other than SORT 0, a 3GL Trigger would not receive the contents of the original record. This has been fixed.
  6. A segment fault in 64-bit products when EDITF is used while a 3GL Trigger is active has been resolved.
  7. The TFF function "XO" that produces XML Output, option "E", no longer converts dashes to underscores in data fields.
  8. The TFF function "XI" that converts XML strings into data fields did not recognize the century correctly in dates. Example, "08/16/1962" is processed as "08/16/19". TFF now applies an IM= value from the FORMAT while converting date fields.
  9. A change in version 8.8.1 to improve performance of the LIKE comparison can cause incorrect results. This has been addressed.
  10. If the process created by OPEN with OPT="SHELL" is assigned a process number greater than 65535, the process will not be terminated by CLOSE. For example, a process 123456 will result in an attempt to terminate process 57920 which might succeed. This has been corrected.
  11. A test has been added to prevent Basic from crashing when a printer is configured to a mnemonic table that is empty or does not exist.
  12. Communication errors between Basic and SQL DataServers are now ignored during a RELEASE to prevent infinite loops.
  13. When an Object Library is opened on multiple channels and one of the channels is closed, attempts to use any of the remaining channels may crash. This has been fixed.