Including Basic Utilities, Dictionary-IV®, Script-IV™, Report-IV™, Query-IV™, and Source-IV™.


  1. Reference: Formats 4GLE FMT 0164
    Formats now support 2-character data-element names.
  2. Reference: OPENworkshop Error Log
    The OPENworkshop error processing has been enhanced to report back more errors. For example Type 1 Scripts and Ghost Tasks.


  1. Reference: Program Editor 4GLE EDTF 0011
    An ERR=78 in EDITF when the editor window title contained the “|” character has been corrected.
  2. Reference: Dictionary-IV Backup/Restore Utilities 4GLE BKUP 0020
    An ERR=2 when refreshing a bk file with GUI definitions has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Dictionary-IV Library Del/Copy/Rename
    A problem where one could too easily delete data files when deleting definitions has been corrected. The new default for the Delete All Data Files YNA prompt is now ‘N’ (no).
  4. Reference: Dictionary-IV Printer Selection View 4GLE VIEW 0106
    An ERR=47 when doing printer selection maintenance and doing <CR> in an empty view has been corrected.
  5. Reference: IDOL-IV Menus 4GLE MENU 0162
    The ability to RUN a report from an IDOL-IV menu has been restored. In a previous release the ability to RUN a report from an IDOL-IV menu had been replaced with the OWS convention of CALLing IRPCA0 to execute a Report. To RUN a report, in the menu definition use option “P” to run IDREPSEL.
  6. Reference: OWS Menus 4GLE MENU 0156
    An ERR=42 has been corrected when a mouse double click was done beyond the last menu selection.
  7. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE CVIEW 0390
    A problem where a View would not be refreshed after saving changes has been corrected.
  8. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE VIEW 0108
    A problem with text field headers when exporting to Excel has been corrected. When responding “No” to the prompt to include text fields, the text field data name was incorrectly included in the Excel column headers.
  9. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE CVGO 0002
    VMS and MSORT only. A problem where GOTO was skipping the first record has been corrected.
  10. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE CVIE 0402
    A problem was fixed where a start key value which was above the end range or end of file would result in an empty view.
  11. Reference: CONNECT Screen 4GLE CSCR 0190
    A problem with blank dates has been corrected. When moving from a date field to another date field, if a date field was blank it was incorrectly populated with value from the previous date field.
  12. Reference: Report-IV 4GLE RPED 0002 & 4GLE RPT4 0442
    When the screen is expanded while editing a report and changes have been made, the changed indicator is lost when the screen is reset to normal. This has been corrected.
  13. Reference: Source-IV 4GLE SRC4 0123
    A change was made to insure accurate time when &REM& was used in a source module.