VIP Suite/TbredCommVIP Suite/TbredComm

Including: VIP for Dictionary-IV®, TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™,Gateway for Windows™.


  1. Reference: VIPSuite/TbredComm/TS ReportServer
    All applications have been enhanced to work in the Remote Desktop Services environment.
    For details please refer to the special Remote Desktop Services section in the Release Notes Appendix.
  2. Reference: TbredComm/Gateway for Windows/Export to Excel
    TbredComm and Windows Basics support downloading data from a View or a Report to Excel. A csv file will be created on the client and the default application associated with csv files will be used to open the file. For example when csv file types are associated with Excel, Excel will be launched and populated with the data from the host. This provides a significant performance boost, eliminates the need for DDE communication. In addition it will support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel and other spreadsheet products such as LibreOffice Calc. If you are not using TbredComm and you are running either a local Basic or a Network Basic you will have to install the VIP client software in lieu of the TbredComm client.
  3. Reference: TbredComm
    An SI05 socket message has been added to set the cursor position.
  4. Reference: TbredComm
    An SC02 socket message has been added to retrieve a character at a specified column and row.
  5. Reference: TbredComm
    An SC03 socket message has been added to retrieve a field starting at a specified column and row for a specified number of characters.
  6. Reference: TbredComm
    An SC04 socket message has been added to retrieve a specified row.
  7. Reference: TbredTunnel
    Added system tray functionality.
  8. Reference: TbredTunnel
    Added a command line option to run without displaying the main dialog at startup, quiet mode, -Q.
  9. Reference: WorkStation Manager
    The Edit option now opens the tbred.ini file with the default application.


  1. Reference: ReportServer VIP4 RPSV 0028, VIP4 RPSV 0033
    Leftover .tmp files are now removed when Report Server closes.
  2. Reference: TbredComm
    A problem connecting with a Telnet Autologon after a failed SSH Autologon has been resolved.
  3. Reference: TbredComm
    A problem processing errors when slave printing has been resolved.
  4. Reference: TbredComm
    Specifying as invalid autologon key on the command line now displays an error message instead of trying to connect.
  5. Reference: TbredComm
    Problems with cursor positioning when using socket messages have been resolved.
  6. Reference: TbredComm VIP4 TBC 0246
    A problem with the cursor off mnemonic, ‘CO’, after the Tbredcomm windows loses and then regains focus has been resolved.
  7. Reference: VIP Views VIP4 VIEW 0154
    A problem processing a down arrow in a print view after sending a character to the host to change the view has been resolved.
  8. Reference: VIP Query-IV 4GLE QRY4 0055
    With VIP on, a cursor positioning problem when building an EQL command has been resolved.
  9. Reference: VIP Text Field VIP4 TEDT 0014, VIP4 TEDT 0017
    A problem with the text field window size has been resolved.
  10. Reference: VIP LookUp VIP4 VIEW 0154
    A problem with LookUp Views not returning text entered before entering a function key has been resolved.
  11. Reference: WorkStation Manager VIP4 MISC 0315
    Problems causing the WorkStation Manager to crash on startup due to non-Thoroughbred applications in the TSI\Bin directory have been resolved.
  12. Reference: WorkStation Manager
    Problems preventing all Thoroughbred applications in the TSI\Bin directory from being displayed in the Version Manager tab have been resolved.