Report-IV to PDFReport-IV to PDF


  1. 1. Reference: Report-IV to PDF
    Added support for debugging encrypted program OORPDF01.|
    When #OOFPDF1.DEBUGGER = "Y", debug information will be displayed on the screen. At key points in the conversion process, a window will be created and pertinent debug info will be displayed. This must be run attended as you will be prompted to press <Enter> to continue processing. Note: To some degree this has been available in the product but was never documented and was not easily enabled and disabled. This enhancement improves the debugging and makes it more accessible.


  1. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0051
    On Windows only, a problem with a background image path containing spaces has been corrected.
  2. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0052
    On Windows 7 and Server 2008 only, a problem where the PDF file was not always moved to the correct folder has been corrected. 
  3. Reference: 4GLE PDFC 0048
    A problem where report footers do not always align properly with a background image has been addressed. The position of the footers can be adjusted by setting #OOFPDF1. PDFFTR, numeric 3.0. Prior to executing the report, set #OOFPDF1.PDFFTR to the number of lines +or- to adjust the starting row of the first footer line. Typically a negative value is required.
  4. Reference: PDF Global
    The logic to determine if Report-IV to PDF is installed has been revised. This should eliminate some intermittent problems where #OOFPDF1 was not properly set and intermittent errors with including #OOFPDF1.