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TS Network DataServer

  1. A protocol has been added to keep the server in sync with changes to the CMASK system variable on the client. The CMASK settings are used by the server to update FORMAT data and create secondary keys.
Windows Only
  1. Enhanced event logging.


TS Network DataServer

  1. Problems causing the link name and options from being journaled have been resolved.
  2. A SAVE to a file on the server is now Journaled.
  3. An infinite loop that can occur when the server attempts to report an ERR=26 back to some clients has been resolved.
  4. A segment fault when a client attempts to Journal a FIXUP that actually occurred on the server has been resolved.
  5. A segment fault when a large program is SAVEd while journaling has been resolved.

TS ODBC DataServer

  1. Crashes and problems processing “DELETE FROM <table-name>” from Microsoft Query have been resolved.
  2. I/O problems causing the ODBC DataServer to crash have been resolved.

TS DataServer™ for MySQL

  1. Problems READing a date-only/time-only column no longer reports an error 26.