Thoroughbred® Release Notes V8.8.1Thoroughbred® Release Notes V8.8.1

Version 8.8.1 is a maintenance release for 8.8.0. Although primarily a maintenance release, 8.8.1 does contain some enhancements.

Some highlights are:

  • Basic directives TRACEMODE, SFMTNL, DUMP FILES, and the DSD function have all been enhanced
  • TS WebServer™ now supports PRM WEBIOLOG=logfilename that will enable logging of network requests and responses
  • All SQL DataServers support PRM SQL-NO-SEPARATORS
  • All SQL DataServers error processing and logging have been enhanced
  • Support of MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB
  • Support connecting to a MySQL database by specifying 'database@host' in the SERVER.MAP file
  • Support of Oracle 11
  • Support connecting to an Oracle database using user/password@database on the DEV line in an IPL file
  • Enhanced error messages and logging for TS ODBC DataServer™
  • Enhanced performance of WHERE condition OR condition in TS ODBC DataServer
  • OPENworkshop CONNECT VIEW supports exporting text fields from either F8-Export or F8-Excel
  • Report-IV to PDF supports enhanced security and PDF file save locations
  • Report-IV to PDF now supports opening a PDF file from the PDF File View
  • TbredComm supports a default keep alive setting in the Workstation Manager TbredComm tab
  • TbredComm supports IPv6
  • TbredComm supports changing printer type setting ( System->Settings->Printer ) via the T1 and T3 mnemonics
  • TbredComm supports sending the domain user name to Telnet Basic to set the USERNAME environment variable
  • TbredComm SSH supports new encryption algorithms
  • TbredTunnel supports a command line option to auto-start a tunnel: -A <profile-key>

Installation Notes VIP and TbredComm

When installing TbredComm or VIP select the appropriate setup.exe.

  • Setup_Tbcomm_7plus.exe installs TbredComm on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008, and Server 2012
  • Setup_VIP_7plus.exe installs VIP on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008, and Server 2012
  • Setup_Tbcomm_XP.exe installs TbredComm on XP
  • Setup_VIP_XP.exe installs VIP on XP

The above setups will first determine if any Microsoft pre-requisites are required on the target system. If they are you will be prompted to install them. This is required. When this phase of the installation is complete, the Thoroughbred TbredComm or VIP installation will automatically run.

When installing on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Server 2012 shortcuts are created on the Metro interface. Clicking on a shortcut will launch the TbredComm/WorkStation Manager in the Desktop interface.

Important Note: When installing VIP on Windows 10, the workstation will need to be rebooted after the installation has completed. This one time reboot is only required when connected to a local Basic, it is not required if connecting through TbredComm.

There is only one install package for TS Environment™ for Windows, it is not platform dependent. The tbsetup.ini file is no longer required.

There is only one install package for TS Network Basic with DataServer, it is not platform dependent. The tbsetup.ini file is no longer required.

The 8.8.0 Installation Manuals are applicable to the 8.8.1 installation. Please refer to the appropriate 8.8.0 manual for detailed installation instructions. These are available for viewing and download from our web site: Reference Manuals

Reporting Problems

When reporting problems please be sure to include the build number and the enhancement/problem reference number where applicable.

The Basic and date can be accessed using the DUMP VERSION directive. From Basic Console Mode type in DUMP VERSION and press the Enter key.

The OPENworkshop and Dictionary-IV version number and release date are available from the Version Manager on the System Administration Menu. To verify the build date of a specific program simply list line 10 of the program.

The VIP for Dictionary-IV® (client), TbredComm, TS ReportServer™, and Gateway for Windows™ build numbers should be verified at the executable level. Please do not use the VIP Version manager. To verify individual executables open the Tsi\Bin folder. Let the mouse hover over the executable and a tip window will display containing the full file version. Or right mouse click on an executable, select 'Properties', then select the 'Version' tab.

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