Report-IV to PDFReport-IV to PDF


  1. Reference: Save locations and Security
    Report-IV to PDF now support enhanced PDF save locations with security.

    The Save and Security Settings allows you to configure save directories and optional security settings for PDF files by Report-IV definition name. This is done using a combination of a User Access ID (OPENworkshop security group or IDOL-IV Operator Code), a Report ID and a Save Directory.

    When PDF is selected as the output device, a table lookup will be performed attempting to match the user to the full report name. If a match cannot be found, the last character of the report name is removed and the lookup is repeated using LIKE logic. For example the first lookup would test LIKE "OERCUST". If a match was not found, the next lookup would test LIKE "OERCUS*". This is repeated until either a match is found or match cannot be found. If a match cannot be found, the operator will not be allowed to generate the .pdf file and a security error will be displayed.

    For more information please refer to the on-line help. From the main OPENworkshop menu select Utilities, select Report-IV to PDF Utilities, highlight Save and Security Settings and press <F6>.
  2. Reference: PDF File Log
    The View PDF File log now supports additional sorts; View by PDF File Name, View by Create Date, View by Save Location, View by Operator Code, View by Report Name, and View by Report Description.
  3. Reference: Displaying PDF Files
    Report-IV to PDF now supports opening a PDF file from the PDF File View. Modify the default value of #OOFPDF1.WEB-URL setting it to the location of the PDF files using Dictionary-IV Format Maintenance. Once configured, from the PDF File View press to open a PDF file. The underlying code will do PRINT 'OB',#OOFPDF1.WEB-URL+"/"+#OOFPDF2.PDF-RPT-NAME,'OE'.

    Examples for a UNIX/Linux using a web server:
    #OOFPDF1.WEB-URL = ""
    #OOFPDF1.WEB-URL = ""

    Examples for a windows using a mapped drive:
    #OOFPDF1.WEB-URL = "Z:\PDFOut"

    IMPORTANT: Due to the above enhancements, the PDF log file key size and record size has changed. If you are upgrading to 8.8.1 before using 8.8.1 Report-IV to PDF you must allow Dictionary-IV to resize the file for you. Select the Report-IV to PDF utilities menu, select View PDF File Log, select View by PDF File Name and you will be prompted to resize the log file.


  1. Reference: Misc SCO
    A problem on SCO only with multi-threading has been corrected.
  2. Reference: File Names (4GLE PDFC 0061)
    A problem on Linux saving pdf files with the "&" character in the file name has been corrected.
  3. Reference: Misc (4GLE PDFC 0062)
    Fixed a problem where the system would incorrectly report that the Report-IV to PDF product was not installed when running out of the IDOL-IV Object Library.
  4. Reference: Misc (4GLE PDFC 0066)
    Fixed a problem where a row of text beginning with "CW" was being interpreted as a CW command and not a string literal.
  5. Reference: Lines Per Page (4GLE PDFC 0065)
    Fixed a problem with extra blank lines at the end of a text field that were not included in the LF count. The extra blank lines have been eliminated.
  6. Reference: Lines Per Page
    Fixed a problem where the supplied #OOFPDF1.LINES-PER-PAGE was not honored.
  7. Reference: Lines Per Page
    In 8.7.1, the Lines Per Page calculation was enhanced. In some cases the improved granularity conflicted with existing application code that worked around the earlier limitations. To use the old default values, before doing CONNECT REPORT, set #OOFPDF1.FONT-SIZE to the desired point size and set #OOFPDF1.LINES-PER-PAGE=0. Note: This will not work on VMS (by design).
  8. Reference: Left Right Margin
    Fixed a problem where the left margin override value was being applied to the right margin.
  9. Reference: Email Fax (4GLE PDFE 0004)
    Fixed a problem where email and fax commands were not working.
  10. Reference: Email Fax (4GLE PDFE 0005)
    Fixed a problem where supplying multiple commands was not working. For example doing both an email and a fax would only process the first command.