Including Basic Utilities, Dictionary-IV®, Script-IV™, Report-IV™, Query-IV™, and Source-IV™.


  1. Reference: Basic Utilities
    *FID Display Open Files has been modified to display the OPEN type [NORMAL, LINK, DLINK]
  2. Reference: OPENworkshop View F8 Export Text Fields
    Views now support exporting text fields as a single field to a text file or to an Excel spreadsheet. Each text field will be a single field in the tab delimited file or a single column in Excel. Each row of text will be padded to the maximum text row width. Blank rows are included. After entering the Select When Clause and the optional Text Field Search arguments you will be prompted "Include text fields when export (Y/N)?" Select "Y" and the text field will be included in the output.
  3. View - Export Text Fields

  4. Reference: Error Log
    Added error logging for ERROR 99 and other errors passed back from "UPDATE"
  5. Reference: Source-IV Backup/Restore
    Auto Restore Source-IV backup with optional compile. Supplied arguments are:


    Backup_File_Suffix : The backup file suffix, e.g. OE when the backup filename is 8SCbkOE
    C: Optional compile switch indicating contents of backup is to be compiled.
    Compile_Path: Path to compile into, required when the optional compile switch is supplied.

    To only restore the contents of Source-IV backup file 8SCbkOE.

    From OPENworkshop <F10> Command Line:
    MET "OOS12G" OE"

    From a Script:

    From Basic or a Method:
    DIM M$[1];
    CALL "OOS12G",M$[ALL]

    To restore the contents of Source-IV backup file 8SCbkOE and compile the restored source into the PROGS directory.

    From OPENworkshop <F10> Command Line:

    From a Script:

    From Basic or a Method:
    DIM M$[1];
    CALL "OOS12G",M$[ALL]


  1. Reference: Basic Utilities (BSCU UTIL 0019)
    Fixed a problem where AIX was not being detected properly. This impacted *CPSD Compare Programs, *FPSD Display File Parameters, *HPSD List Programs on Terminal, *KPSD List Programs, *LPSD List Disc Directory, *SPSD Transfer Programs/Files, *TPSD File Transfer and Expand.
  2. Reference: Basic Utilities (BSCU MISC 0045)
    An ERR=2 in *KPSD when listing large programs has been fixed.
  3. Reference: Basic Utilities (BUTL MISC 0043)
    An ERR=34 in *KPSD when listing large programs has been fixed.
  4. Reference: File Expansion (4GLE 8FLB 0003)
    Fixed an ERR=43 line 840 in 8FILEB when file is auto expanding.
  5. Reference: 8INPUT (4GLE CVIE 0392)
    Fixed a problem in 8INPUT with date type 8 time only when no date mask is defined in the Format.
  6. Reference: File Suffix (4GLE FLSX 0008)
    Fixed a problem with auto-logon where value of File Suffix was not being preserved.
  7. Reference: Security (4GLE SEC 0032)
    Fixed an ERR=11 Line 30 in IDPSECX0.
  8. Reference: Rebuild Sorts (4GLE SORT 0075)
    Fixed an ERR=43 displaying blocks built.
  9. Reference: Text Fields (4GLE TEXT 0075)
    Fixed a problem where channels were being left open when multiple calls to OO41 were done in a loop.
  10. Reference: Help
    Fixed a problem in OO41 where a bad error message displayed when calling OO41 with a malformed command to read a Help module.
  11. Reference: CONNECT SCREEN (4GLE CSCR 0188)
    Fixed a problem with occurrence fields when doing an up arrow from the second field to the first would exit the screen.
  12. Reference: 8VIEWF (4GLE VIEW 0104)
    Fixed a problem where an empty View was displayed when calling 8VIEWF with a starting key value and sort value.
  13. Reference: CONNECT VIEW (4GLE VIEW 0393)
    Fixed a problem with text field searching where the search would not return a match when the key of the record had trailing spaces.
  14. Reference: CONNECT VIEW 4GLE (CVIE 0395)
    Fixed a problem where SETCOLOR was not always working with Views containing more than 255 columns.
  15. Reference: CONNECT VIEW
    Fixed a problem when the starting range value contained a date type 5 data field.
  16. Reference: CONNECT VIEW (4GLE CVIE 0398)
    Fixed a problem where F10 Goto would always go to the end of a file with MSORT files.
  17. Reference: Report-IV
    Fixed a hard error if Report-IV was not installed but an attempt was made to edit a Report-IV definition. Now an error message will be displayed.
  18. Reference: Link Text including Source Change/Undo text
    Added error trapping so that the partial text could be loaded when text format errors occurred.
  19. Reference: OPEN LINK for link with text
    Corrected record size for Links containing text when Script-IV OPEN link NEW/CREATE is executed.
  20. Reference: View<F8>Change
    Data is not changed.
  21. Reference: View<F8>
    SELECT WHEN has an extraneous semi colon for all but CHANGE.
  22. Reference: Views with 8VIEWF/PRINT VIEW emulation
    Various issues with single character GOTO were fixed. Some only related to MSORT.
  23. Reference: Views - Joined Columns
    View's format could possibly be modified by joined columns.
  24. Reference: Displaying dates
    Precision is now set taking into account the precision in the data declaration for date/time.
  25. Reference: Data Change flag in VIEWS
    Don't scroll to a blank row when data change is set to no.
  26. Reference: UPDATE generated code
    The link update generated code was being dropped under certain conditions.
  27. Reference: CONNECT REPORT from REPORT
    CLOSE/OPEN mnemonics should only be used in for CONNECT REPORT in the "I" section.
  28. Reference: Script Compile
    If two link alias were named so that the second declared name was a subset of the first name, the first name would be used for both. ie: ALIAS00 and ALIAS.
  29. Reference: Source Compile
    Allow Label on User Defined Functions.