VIP Suite/TbredCommVIP Suite/TbredComm

Including: VIP for Dictionary-IV®, TbredComm™, TS ReportServer™,Gateway for Windows™.


  1. Reference: TbredComm
    Added text only mode to font smoothing ( i.e. clear type )
  2. Reference: TbredComm
    Improved mouse highlighting ( i.e. backwards ).
  3. Reference: TbredComm
    Added keep alive to the manual connection dialog.
  4. Reference: TbredComm
    Support IPv6.
  5. Reference: TbredComm
    The printer type ( System->Settings->Printer ) can be changed via the T1 and T3 mnemonics.
  6. Reference: TbredComm (VIP4 TBC 0239)
    Send the domain user name to Telnet Basic to set the USERNAME environment variable.
  7. Reference: TbredComm (VIP4 TBC 0240)
    Updated SSH libraries to support new encryption algorithms.
  8. Reference: TbredTunnel
    Added a command line option to auto-start a tunnel, -A <profile-key>.
  9. Reference: Workstation Manager
    Added text only mode to font smoothing ( i.e. clear type ) on the TbredComm tab.
  10. Reference: Workstation Manager
    Added default keep alive on the TbredComm tab.


  1. Reference: VIP Screens - (VIP4 SCRN 0232)
    When the GUI screen does not exist in the current language the English version of the GUI screen will be used. If the GUI screen does not exist in the current language the English version of the GUI screen will be used.
  2. Reference: VIP Dates - (4GLE CVIE 0329)
    Fixed a problem with date type 8 time only when no date mask is defined in the Format.
  3. Reference: VIP Debug Log - (VIP4 TEDT 0015)
    Fixed ERR=46 in OO Debug Log File.
  4. Reference: VIP Text Fields - (VIP4 VIEW 0157)
    Fixed intermittent ERR=26 line 140 8ZPED0 when editing text fields.
  5. Reference: VIP Menus
    Fixed a problem with auto-logon start up where IDOL-IV menus were blank. Was possible to get into ID without #IDVIP being properly initialized.
  6. Reference: VIP Help (VIP4 HELP 0029)
    Fixed a problem where help would display a busy cursor and appear to hang.
  7. Reference: VIP OO Error Message (VIP4 MISC 0313)
    Fixed a problem where OPENworkshop was displaying a blank window instead of the OPENworkshop error message.
  8. Reference: TS ReportServer (VIP4 RPSV 0034)
    Fixed a problem doing a CONNECT REPORT where supplying REPORT$[6]="N" did not force output to TS ReportServer but REPORT$[6]="N" did.
  9. Reference: TS ReportServer
    A problem where ReportServer crashes trying to save a report has been resolved.
  10. Reference: TS ReportServer
    Problems computing the child window size when a report is downloaded and Report Server is minimized have been resolved.
  11. Reference: TbredComm
    A problem where TbredComm crashes after disconnecting from an SCO system when using the tbredcom terminfo table has been resolved.
  12. Reference: TbredComm
    A problem with TBInspect opening the incorrect security file during an unauthorized installation error has been resolved.
  13. Reference: TbredComm (VIP4 TBC 0241)
    Problems with the Select Print dialog being displayed behind the VIP window when printing multiple reports have been resolved.
  14. Reference: TbredComm (VIP4 TBC 0238)
    A problem where bad connection information in an autologon could lock a *nix account has been resolved. If all connection information is specified, only 2 connection attempts are made.
  15. Reference: TbredComm (VIP4 TBP 0040)
    A problem recognizing function keys 13 through 16 from the WorkStation Manager toolbar have been resolved.
  16. Reference: TbredTunnel
    Problems causing a loss of data have been resolved.
  17. Reference: VIP (VIP4 VIEW 0156)
    Problems using the up and down arrow keys in a view on the last record of the file have been resolved.
  18. Reference: VIP
    A problem where VIP4 was generating 'double keystrokes' after ALT-TAB has been resolved.
  19. Reference: VIP (VIP4 VIEW 0159)
    Problems using the left and right arrow keys when editing a cell in a view have been resolved.